Meet Todd Clayton, Inventor/Founder of GhostDrag


Having been a fisherman his entire life, Todd was no beginner when he came up with the idea for GhostDrag. While taking his dream trip on a Florida fishing charter, he met a captain using a bread tie on his reel. Interested in how this worked, the Captain explained that this allowed fish to “run” and feel no tension. The Captain didn’t need expensive bait running reels on his charter boat any longer.

After coming back home to Maryland after his trip, Todd started transitioning from using his bait running reels to the bread tie trick. He found that it let fish run longer when compared to using his bait running reels and helped him catch more fish. That day, a lightbulb went off and GhostDrag was born. Watch the full video here.

Fast forward to today and Todd has surrounded himself with a diverse team of talented individuals with expertise in areas necessary to bring Todd's vision to fruition.  Stay connected to learn about several brand new and innovative solutions coming soon from GhostMatter, LLC.