My Love For Fishing

When I think about my love for fishing, I go back to 1975. Five years old in this world and my father giving me my own black and white Zebco reel...It was mine, and it started an incredible adventure! 

I've recently returned home to Maryland from ICAST 2023. ICAST is a large fishing expo consisting of representatives from the biggest names in the world of fishing. I was there on behalf of my fishing product called Ghostdrag. We are a one-of-a-kind, effective accessory to the fishing rod. It really does help you catch more fish. I know thats a bold statement but I humbly say, it works! We are considered the first bait running release in the industry. Its great that we have no direct competition except for expensive bait running reels, but when your new and unique its hard to gain the attention of anglers without strong (and expensive) marketing, So right now, we are still a small fish in a big ocean but I am very excited to see where my love of fishing takes me next.

Hope you can join me in this journey. 

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