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Ghostdrag is an adjustable line release that attaches to fishing rods and allows for an open bail while holding bait in place. When a fish strikes, it releases the line and allows the fish to run freely with no tension, allowing you to catch more fish. 

Fish will pick up bait and not swallow it right away. They will swim with it sizing it up, if they feel or sense any tension they will let go of the bait.

Simply close your bail and set your hook. You will have your fighting drag adjusted where you want it. Now start fighting that big fish!

They have an incredible amount of tension, even on their lightest settings. When scientifically tested against bait running reels, GhostDrag was proven to have 600% less tension. Fish detect this tension causing them to let go of the bait. When a fish shakes their head on the run, they feel this tension exponentially. Also, bait runners are expensive, bulky, and have components that often break.

All rods! With larger rods it’s used where it snaps on comfortably. And with smaller diameters, under .37mm, you can make up the difference with soft plastic tubing or electrical tape. Ghostdrag works great with rod finishes and will hold tight to the rod even when casting.

All common types of fishing line monofillament, flourocarbon, and braid.

Yes! Lake Trout anglers to White Marlin anglers use Ghostdrag to do the work against the troll while allowing a tension free drop back when the bait is struck.

You will use it in many applications. From Blue Gill fishing with worms in ponds, trolling for Trout in lakes, live lining Striped Bass in rivers, cut bait for Cobia in the bay, live bunker for Kings near shore, flat lining Tuna in the gulf, or trolling for White Marlin off shore. Ghostdrag is for use in all bodies of water and all types of water. It will become one of your favorite tools in your tackle box. 


Proudly made in the USA GhostDrag is constructed of super-tough Zytel nylon resin, a material commonly used to make high-wear parts for performance auto engines. It’s lightweight, flexible, extremely tough and remarkably temperature resistant. It’s the perfect material for a small, precision product like GhostDrag.


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